Questions of laser hair removal

What is the best laser treatment for hair removal? Epilation of hair may be a way of life and it also has health benefits. Excess unwanted hair is not pretty, and may even increase body odor. Sometimes the hair can irritate the skin, causing itching, and in some cases, leading to infection.  Of the many methods of hair removal unwanted hair (such as shaving or waxing), lasers are the only permanent method of hair reduction. Even a large area to be waxed can be treated with the laser at once, making treatment faster and more cost effective for the price / performance. Besides home laser hair removal is a good option for the following reasons: 1. It is painless , simple, safe, effective and permanant in most cases. 2. Suitable for both sexes and all ages. 3. It can be applied anywhere on the body: face, neck, chest, underarms, arms, bikini area, legs, abdomen, back, buttocks, hands and feet, etc …. 4. It does not damage the skin and does not damage your sebaceous glands or sweat glands. 5. Solve problems folliculitis   and ingrown hair of chest, legs and face.   6. Leaves skin smooth, soft and rejuvenated by the stimulating effect of light on collagen. 7. In women with hormonal problems ( hirsutism ) is the best solution to reduce excess hair, preferable to hormone-based medicines. How does laser hair removal? Basically, the laser is guided by a light beam which seeks a mass of hair (not just one, as with the electrolysis or with tweezers) destroying the root itself. The laser beam finds the hair follicles only, not the surrounding skin. For patient comfort, the skin is usually cooled with a gel or cryogen during the process. The laser destroys the hair growth phase (anagen phase), up to 85% of our hair is in that phase at any time. What types of lasers are used? Currently there are different types of lasers that have been approved by the FDA and the EC. Each has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The Ruby laser pulse that has the most powerful has been more effective for people with fair skin and can even be used for people whose skin color is among the clearest of the dark skin. The Alexandrite laser is very versatile and can customize the frequency and size of the spot by the degree or curl of hair. They are known for their efficiency and speed, especially in large areas like the back of a man. The ND Yag Laser has been proven as the best treatment for curly hair and dark or tanned skin. The laser diode is very versatile in its design and its wavelength and can treat a wide range of skin types. Know that each of the lasers used has a special area but most important is to trust the clinic you have chosen and discuss with them what laser is best for you. Is laser hair removal permanent? Everyone is unique and reacts differently to the laser. The FDA and the EC have adopted different types of lasers as equipment for permanent hair reduction. This does not mean 100% of hair depilation . What it means is that a significant percentage of the laser-treated hair will not grow back.  It is proven that each session will be more successful to remove the remaining hair than the last. How to find the right clinic for me laser hair removal?   When you’re looking for a clinic for treatment, ask about the experience they have in laser hair removal. When you find one with experience, ask if you can make an appointment and go to see them to ask any questions you have about the procedure. Make sure you are comfortable with the person doing the treatment, as this will help you calm down before and after treatment. If you know a friend or coworker who has had the laser hair removal done, ask about their experience. Word of mouth is the best way to find a good service, because it takes advantage of the experience of others.   How much is each session? The price of laser hair removal varies. It is important to trust the clinic so that you are satisfied with the price they are asking for. You must also know that in some cases the cost of laser depends on the amount of hair that is to be treated. This means that as your hair is removed, future sessions will be consecutively cheaper. Also the costs will differ depending on the area of the country and the clinic you choose.